Why have a survey

A survey is like a ‘health check’ for buildings.  A property is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you are ever likely to make.  Surprisingly 80% of purchasers do not have a survey carried out; this is against the advice of most solicitors and the council of mortgage lenders recommendations.

A professional survey not only offers peace of mind it could potentially save you thousands of pounds by giving you detailed information regarding any major defects and repairs that may be required.  There is a survey to suit all circumstances and budgets (see Which Survey)

Phil Spencer and Kirty Allsopp agree having a survey is a sound investment, in a recent interview they said : ‘A survey is the best way to identify any potential defects in a property. While a valuation survey tells you what the property is worth it will not highlight problems. Getting a building survey on older buildings may be a big pay out, but could save you thousands in the long run.’

You may have gained a general idea of the condition of the property you are purchasing but it is unlikely you will have had the opportunity to undertake a detailed inspection yourself.  If you instruct Chase & Associates Limited to carry out a survey on your behalf you will gain the knowledge and experience of a professionally qualified surveyor who will spend up to 3 hours inspecting the property and whatever time is required to research and compile the final report. All survey reports and advice provided are backed by our professional indemnity insurance.